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Olympia International d.o.o. based in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, and with several branch offices in Central-east Europe, including Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia & Montenegro.

Olympia International is specialised in production, sale and distribution of forest products (link to products page) including lumber, elements, veneers and other components for the furniture and flooring industry.

Olympia International manages eighteen production sites in the countries mentioned above, and is financing the production, as well as controlling the full process from raw material to finished and semi finished products. The main markets are Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Germany and Sweden.

Olympia International is providing a just-in-time supply source of semi-finished and finished products for the flooring and furniture industry to one of Japan's main industry leaders in this field.

Olympia International is a holding company of a group of logistics companies with 20 offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, UK and Ireland with annual sales of over 50 milion EUR.

Olympia International organises worldwide shipments by sea through their associate company Interliner Agencies d.o.o. Koper & Rijeka, via the port of Koper, Slovenia, and port of Rijeka, Croatia, served by all worldwide lines.

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Olympia International d.o.o., Šmartinska cesta 53, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (European Union)
  Tel: +386 (0)1 513 6150  *  Fax: +386 (0)1 5136159  *

We are part of Flamin Holding Group

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